Growing up on a produce farm in Lancaster Co. PA was the perfect beginning to my love of all things outdoors, all things that grow from the ground…..all creatures on Gods big earth ….(well except thousand leggers….not sure what those are about). I would find my mind wandering as I filled strawberry boxes full or picked blueberries in the hot July sun about the beauty of those berries, or even the pretty foliage on the bush, or the unstoppable “weeds” that grew wherever my Daddy didn’t want them to grow….I saw texture and beauty in so many items I walked past daily…….today I cant help but use so many of these elements in my designs. Every day I design I find a new favorite bloom , or a new favorite foliage …something I just have to share with whomever the design is for. After creating for over 25 years I still have such passion for each new Bride that walks through my door….I cant wait to create the perfect bouquet that fits her ,her style, her day….

My design style has been influenced by talented creatives from all over the world through hands on seminars, lectures, and working along side some of my most talented mentors in the elite “American Institute of Floral Designers…”. I also credit my daily walks ; seeing things grow in their natural form fuels my passion for natural design….

Besides my love of nature I am very passionate about my dog, (all dogs….) all furry critters , antiquing, blue jeans, being kind , coffee, fresh produce…..(My family grows the best in Southern Lancaster Co.) well prepared food…..(I LOVE good food ) , cold beer , music……(especially old country music…..twangy!) and our old farm house …we are lucky enough to own the farm my husband grew up on

I also must mention the love of my life : my hubby Bill. He is my #1 encourager, helper, supporter, vase cleaner, wedding day set up crew , all around great guy .Thank you for all you do in the success of SLPFloral….I would not , could not, don’t want to do this without you!

I feel truly joyful and thank God daily for allowing me to be creative and to work with some of his prettiest creations. …